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The love of Aries and Scorpio is a bit "edgy" by its nature. Both, man and woman, have own brilliant talents which force them to have sharp elbows and sparkling ideas, but sometimes also "venomous" moods. Aries has fire in heart and Scorpio's tale is equipped with the famous sting. The compatibility of both zodiac signs is not bad, but you have to count with some difficulties.

The love may resemble pleasant travelling by train. It is up to both zodiac sign, how mature they are and how they want to "shape" and enjoy the love. The relationship may be close to the immediate and rash delight when two youngsters are painting graffiti on a train, or they can simply buy a ticket and get pleasure from the comfortable ride. Nonetheless, the second option is frequently considered as boring and stereotyped. For Scorpio and Aries is therefore more exciting to demonstrate their love to others by doing something forbidden and taboo breaking. Following conventions (iron rails of the society) is often not stylish enough. Thus, with the help of your imagination, we can say that the love of Aries and Scorpio resembles the very complex ornaments on a Persian carpet.


Sex is something very natural, but also full of sunny peaks and dark valleys. The sexual life of Scorpio and Aries is like a boat. Sometimes this couple will enjoy peaceful sea for many days and sometimes the man and the woman are bothered by stormy winds and wild waves from the very beginning of the relationship. But please note carefully, every "boat", driven by wild sexual passion, will begin tilting from one side to the other soon or later.

Aries and Scorpio are signs with high capability of accumulating the sexual energy. It is obvious, that if they do not find the suitable counterpart, they can literary “explode” due to the hoarded passion. Scorpio is quiet but enigmatic at first sight, but very unstable, let’s say as an atomic powerplant. If you brake the cooling system, the (sexual) explosion will come soon. Aries likes sex very much. This zodiac sign understands the meaning of the saying “eye for an eye”. In his or her interpretation it equals to “pleasure for pleasure”. And the verdict? When it comes to the compatibility of Aries and Scorpio in bed, you can usually bet that it will be a good sexual match.

Aries Scorpio Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


Are you familiar with the tempting idea to poke into the fading camp fire with a branch or wooden stick? Flames will burst here and there if you will be persistent in your effort, and if you will blow fresh air the result will be successful twice as much. The marriage of Aries and Scorpio is very similar to this analogy. It is based on passion and social appetite, that needs new energy to continue burning forever.

The marriage, when it turns to be stable, resembles the golden bar. It is lasting in its value, resistant to diverse negative forces, and it can conserve the happiness for eternity. The art of diplomacy, empathy and understanding of other’s needs is important for both zodiac signs in this case. Nevertheless, the marriage of Scorpio and Aries is like skiing in high mountains – it is better to make very elegant curves on the way down, to rest and enjoy the amazing view and atmosphere, than to be absolutely narrow and deadly fast, because than the “crash” may only be an useless but inevitable accident.


The chemistry between Aries and Scorpio is of the highest importance. During the dating, these zodiac signs will do best when touching each other. If you are the Aries man and you want to date the Scorpio woman, buy the Palm Reading Guide (book) and try to tell her fortunes, especially those one, where you play the positive role. Meanwhile, holding her hand, you can closely observe, if your chemistry works well.

If you are the Aries woman and you want to date the Scorpio man, please prepare many universal topics for the conversation. You can surprise the man with questions regarding the cushioning of your running shoes, regarding the idea sailing over the Atlantic ocean or even over the whole world, or you can ask him about the best grilling method for your forthcoming barbecue. But, in the first place, you will see if the man will talk endlessly (if he has ego big as a hot air balloon) or even interrupting you while you are trying to share your impressions with him. Finally, you may consider as a good sign of the dating, when the Scorpio man lets you finish all the important ideas and even agrees and nods empathically.

The last parable: a successful dating of Aries and Scorpio will resemble playing a pleasant board game in some noble British club, where the waiter wears white gloves, rather than getting a horse shod in a dirty forge.

Break up

The breakup is always sad, but the question is whether you prefer to have a breakup in the form of an "unexpected attack" that suddenly changes your life to its roots or if you favour a breakup resembling long and painful disease. What do you think is better?

Aries and Scorpio do not form the best possible match and the compatibility of both zodiac signs has its obvious limits, but it is necessary to say that when both focus more on "transfer" rather than on "infer" in the area of the communication, the prospects of such relationship are great!

But if the breakup comes, it is very wise to relay on the same means, that helped the relationship to be built – now, on the contrary, to help it also be dismantled in a comfortable and peaceful way. The breakup do not automatically mean declaring a war, it may well be a process of transforming the relationship into the common and lasting friendship.


You know that "opposites attract". But Scorpio and Aries are not exactly opposites (nor are they an illustration for other saying: "birds of a feather flock together"). They are simply different and that can be the solid ground of the lasting friendship. It is the same principle why concrete is made from cement, water, stone and sand, namely few very different substances.

Of course, you can object that oil and water are also very different and they do not form any true "friendship". The magic is in small details. Oil and water have different densities and oil and water also charges (both have improper polarity). But in the case of men and women born under Aries and Scorpio, you can expect much more suitable characteristics to form an union, e.g. the friendship.

The cheese is, maybe a bit surprisingly, a very convenient example for the typical friendship of Scorpio and Aries. The cheese is something very nutritious, traditional and pure (white). Symptomatic is also that when you want to have big smile on a photo, you say what? Finally, an old matured cheese has its very typical smell, equivalent to the special kind of unmistakable humour that old friends born under these zodiac signs do have.

And finally, the friendship between Aries and Scorpio could be sweet as grapes. Today we are flooded by artificially produced sugar from the sugar cane or sugar beet, as well as we are flooded by thousands of superficial friendships on social networks. Yet, this friendship is usually very deep, resembling tough family bonds.

Scorpio and Aries friends will not count odd and even days, because all are equal to them!

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