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Love between Aries and Sagittarius is the very noble one. The relationship is not as straightforward and simple as the mud wrestling that is, honestly, only a dirty fun for all ignorants. Contrary, it resembles a complicated dance in the Viennese opera. If you are looking for man and woman fallen in love and born under these zodiac signs, you will find them maybe at Wimbledon or at a theatre, but not watching a greyhound race or visiting Munich’s Oktoberfest for the tenth time.

Every chain is strong exactly to that extent as its weakest part is able to withstand. And talking about the Aries – Sagittarius love, it is necessary to say that thanks to their unique compatibility may be the case of an extraordinary strong chain.

Man and woman born under these signs are often forced to meet again. The mutual attraction, let’s call it frankly love, is more than tempting. Why? Because Sagittarius and Aries form the embodiment of a perfect match. While being together the man and the woman may prosper and expand the intangible as well as the material wealth. When you want to report about a race, it is ideal to hover above it with a drone. And when you want to have the most enjoyable perspective and outlook in a relationship, you can easily lay down on a soft cloud of love which is formed by the union of Aries and Sagittarius.


Do you think it is possible to yawn while enjoying sex? Maybe by other zodiac signs it is, but Sagittarius and Aries are sexually compatible to such extent, that fatigue and boredom is hardly thinkable. Even after few years of happy sexual life they can surprise each other. The Sagittarius man can act as the lion tamer, but his broken arm may well end in a sling – yet the Aries woman is no submissive cat that would nicely obey a master. She is slower but tough as the iron golf club. When such woman hits the target, it is always a noisy bang. The Sagittarius woman likes to point precisely in matters of sex. She does not shoot recklessly around. The Sagittarius woman wants always have the first successful hit as a professional sniper. That means, such woman is aware of the right paths of the bodily pleasure and can have the upper hand in bed. Finally, the Aries man likes tidiness. You will seduce him more likely in purely clean bed than on a greasy TV couch.

Aries Sagittarius Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The Marriage is the typical outcome of long lasting relationship of Aries and Sagittarius. It is like the causality law – one billiard ball is hitting the other and thus transmitting the kinetic energy to it. Similarly when Aries and Sagittarius collide, the man and the woman react often very predictably. They are compatible and attracted to each other. The marriage is welcomed and often resembles the process of book editing. The book editors do a lot more than just read, edit and correct raw manuscripts. Yet the marriage is a process of writing the real best-seller based on the initial love affair.


When Sagittarius and Aries make a date they often show teeth to each other. It is a large grin, a broad smile and not the aggressive face that you know from all the tigers and lions from the National Geographic channel. Frankly, the dating can seem sweet as an eggnog for the unbiased observer (at least in the end). The dating is like the walk on a hill. Men and women born under these two zodiac signs need to sacrifice some effort to climb on the top, but the view from the roof of love is usually awesome and the way down is certainly comfortable and enjoyable as well. Simply said, Sagittarius and Aries are perfectly compatible in dating.

Break up

Despite the good compatibility the relationship may sometimes end with the breakup. But Sagittarius and Aries couple do not need any judge when the moment of the breakup comes. The relationship and the problems leading to its end are not black and white (or 0 or 1 in the computer terminology). Aries and Sagittarius are well aware of that.

Men and women are looking forward to the freedom that will come immediately after the breakup. To better understand the mind of both zodiac signs, you can concentrate on the ability to forgive. Sagittarius is more material based while Aries is concentrated more on spiritual values. In other words, The primary concern of Sagittarius in the moment of the breakup will be to pack all necessary things into a moving box while Aries will see the whole imaginary relationship “time-line” (you know shifting of movies with the time-line bar forwards and backwards) with all its peaks and lows as important key moment. Nevertheless, the splitting may be emotional but peaceful at the end.


The Friendship of Aries and Sagittarius is charming. The couple is often fun loving. Both zodiac signs do not lack the sense of humour and they also do not hesitate to use it in everyday life. Let’s imagine: the man or the woman will calmly ask the optician for special “monocular” glasses. “What for such oddity?” will ask the specialist. “Because our best friend is a cyclops” will answer Sagittarius and Aries laughing together.

Both friends are usually full of extraordinary ideas and jokes. They can organize the competition in “who will climb naked the top of an ice berg” or who will draw the most grotesque self-portrait with a bare nail or with a small branch dipped in the ink, yet the pencil is obsolete. If you combine Aries and Sagittarius, you can bet that the world will never be grey and boring for these friends.

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