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Men and women born under Leo and Aries enjoy the excellent compatibility. Above all, thanks to the same element, namely to the fire. If you want to climb on the high mountain you should count with some discomfort. Either your muscles will be tired or you may feel pain in knees. But usually it is worth the effort. And the same applies to love between Aries and Leo. The first-class love compatibility ensures good prospects of the relationship and therefore you can rely on the fact, that your energy will not be wasted in another short love affair.

The Leo woman is a camouflaged romantic octopus that is easily able to wrap the Aries man with tentacles of love. On the other hand, the Leo man can be easily seduced by the resolute and dynamic Aries woman – a situation reminding the temptation of pushing the red button and unleashing the nuclear weapon.


The sexuality of Aries and Leo resembles the difference between a zipper and a button. The relationship of man and woman born under these zodiac signs has the same purpose, but slightly different mechanism. Nevertheless, they are both perfectly compatible and often interchangeable. In other words: Leo and Aries understand each other well in matters of sex, despite they can have different initial fantasies and desires.

The sexual pleasure of man and woman born under Aries and Leo is often immense – like the glitter of a perfectly cut and polished diamond can please the eye, the intensity of the bodily harmony between Leo and Aries may dazzle you by its natural simplicity and refined playfulness.

Aries Leo Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Leo and Aries is usually more hefty and solid than the castle made from sand. Men and women born under these zodiac signs can make great use from each other’s energy. And that is very important point in every lasting relationship. It is the question of “relationship economy”. When the ice is melting, you can pour away the water or you can utilize it for preparing let’s say a cup of coffee. And that is exactly the example of Aries and Leo. The marriage of these congenial souls is like the cooperation of two clairvoyants. They can draw and build a high-rise building or a complicated clock without saying a word.


The dating is often a brand-new start of love. Aries and Leo are very compatible zodiac signs. But the dating of man and woman born under these signs do not resemble a quiet meditation. On the contrary, when you see Leo and Aries dating you can get the feeling being on an old railway station full of locomotives, or being on the Harley Davidson rally. Both are loud and vigorous.

It is very good to keep in mind, that the compatibility is indeed ideal. And this positive belief is part of the relationship success. The well-done dating is like the first floor of a skyscraper. Aries and Leo can easily build the second (love), third (marriage) and other floors on this solid foundation.

Break up

What is warm may often also burst into flames. The anchor that the man and the woman cast, can be one day heaved up – and than comes the breakup. Frankly, even the best Hollywood cast cannot ensure the success of a movie and similarly the indisputable compatibility of Leo and Aries may sometimes lead to a breakup. When you hear the bell ringing, it is the end of the fairy tale. But do not forget, even after the breakup the influence lasts. The Aries – Leo relationship brings deep-rooted influence. When the breakup comes, the man and the woman should concentrate on positives instead of focusing on revenge.


The friendship compatibility is great. Men and women born under Leo and Aries form a rich mixture resembling the bucket of meadow flowers. The wealthy fragrance and opulent colours may strike you in the case of plants, the obvious harmony accompanied by the emanating power in the case of Aries and Leo friends is equally noteworthy. You will know in an instant that this couple of friends is like two supporting pillars of a bridge. The suffering based on hawk and prey relationship is definitely accompanying other signs, less fortunate and less compatible friends!

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