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The rolling board in your kitchen is very useful when you want to make the pastry and bake own Christmas sweets, pizza, or strudel. Otherwise you must go to the supermarket to buy the ready one. The same applies to the relationship of Aries and Cancer. Love is the analogy of such indispensable tool that is necessary to find and explore your own way in life.  Both zodiac signs need to have the solid ground (love) on which they can build a house (lasting partnership), a castle (marriage) or even a humble cottage (genuine friendship).
Aries is more concentrated on the material as well as on the spiritual growth. Only the sky is the limit for this eager zodiac sign. Men and women born under Aries see love as a tree that must be stronger, heavier and more branched every year. Contrary Cancer, in matters of love, is more satisfied even with a common “status quo” and usually does not have such high ambitions as Aries. The nice match of both signs is similar to the ideal shape of two neighbouring pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. The compatibility is at least sufficient to please Cancer and Aries in the long term. Mutual happy love is helping to fulfil the natural dream of inner harmony to both signs.


Sex between Cancer and Aries is equally catchy and seductive as were all the greatest hits of Michael Jackson, the king of pop, in the nineties. In other words: you do not need a reporter standing next to the bed, being out of breath and trying to inform you about the exceptional "unity" of this two naked bodies. Nor you need a hovering drone in the wild nature to monitor Cancer and Aries in a remote forest to truly see and believe that this man and this woman can form a sexually very compatible couple. You can avoid all this inconvenience and rest comfortably, yawn and be pleased on your couch – we can assure you directly at this point that Aries and Cancer are sexually compatible to the very high degree.

Aries Cancer Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Aries man and Cancer woman is often surprisingly conservative and stable. Compare it to something you know well: the marriage resembles more an old red phone booth (functional and lasting) than a bit disparate chain carousel (tempting but often causing nausea). The flaming and often impatient nature of the man is calmed down with the woman’s peaceful personality, what is also the ideal and important pillar of the whole marriage.
Aries woman is like a real archer, that points arrows precisely on the man’s hearth. And it does not matter much if the man is a common salesman of computer cables, nuclear physicist or an owner of a local pet market. Actually, the marriage of Aries woman and Cancer man is exemplary in its ability to ride on the bumpy road of daily problems. To master the juggling needs talent and patience and to really enjoy the marriage needs having the ability of achieving compromise as well as the gift of sharing your passions with the counterpart. What considers marriage, the result is: Cancer and Aries man and woman are compatible enough.


The dating compatibility of Cancer and Aries is simply sufficient. Both zodiac signs should expect few difficulties but also great portion of pleasant surprise spiced with fun. Extraordinary ideas and places are welcomed while dating! You do not have to travel to Africa together – for instance giraffes you can surely see in every ZOO nearby.
Go there and prepare some challenging tasks or questions for your boyfriend or girlfriend (Cancer and Aries are both animals and to see and feel how they behave between other species is important on the symbolic level). Ask the other: How long is a giraffe’s tongue? (around 20 inches / 50 cm!), How much do giraffes sleep? (they have the shortest sleep requirement of all mammals!), How many vertebrae has the giraffe's neck? (only seven!).
Your dating is an ideal opportunity to show your creativity, and to find out how smart and calm is your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Will he or she know the answer immediately, or use discreetly the help of internet on the mobile phone, or come up with an unbelievable and original explanation or theory? You will see and decide!

Break up

Love is like the flame of a burning candle. It can be extinguished even by gentle wind (unexpected or early breakup). Are you familiar with footsteps disappearing here and there in sand on a shore? Water is washing them away. And similarly the relationship of Aries and Cancer may vanish (break up) suddenly and unexpectedly. The adverse of your faith (imagine the unpredicted waves on the beach) is one from the main reasons for the breakup. Despite the good compatibility you should be prepared that the Aries – Cancer relationship may fall equally as the solid building falls when a strong earthquake shakes the foundations of it.
Have you with your boyfriend or girlfriend visit same school for many years? Have you met your husband or wife on some famous cat show or art exhibition? Have you ran into your arms by accident during the alarm test? It was a good fortune, but sorry to say that – all this may be wiped out during an instant. However, wait a while, the breakup must not blow everything away. When the moment of the Cancer – Aries breakup comes, the man and the woman should concentrate on positive peaks of the past relationship, to keep helpful and constructive memories for the next one.


For men and women born under Aries and Cancer may the friendship be a real gate to paradise. Many other friendships resemble the relation of two actors on the theatre stage – well performed but only pretended. As soon as the curtain falls, the friendship is over. But not in this case. The friendship of Cancer and Aries is different in its deep essence. Usually the fire (element of Aries) and water (element of Cancer) produce together a boiling sea of entertainment or the steamy geyser of creativity. You will never be bored in this relationship. Of course, hot steam or boiling water can do even harm, but it is the risk ("price worth to pay") and a question of the cautiousness and experience above all.
To be a real friend is the task for the whole life. To become friend with anyone is no natural inborn ability, nor it is an enforceable human right. It is simply an amazing talent that must be cultivated for very long time.

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