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Love is a kind of game for Aries and Aquarius. When fire and air (elements of both zodiac signs) mix together, you get highly explosive blend. And that is also the main reason, why it is better to experience any relationship more "lightly", with a pinch of humour, rather than to fall in love very deeply and consider every kiss as a serious bond. Is this the desired compatibility you have imagined? You have to judge alone.

In such “game-like” interpretation, love between man and woman is more funny, full of "points", puzzles, magic tasks, tricks and tactics. Than it is up to them whether Aquarius and Aries prefer more the action, adventure or strategy style of the game. The difference between simple and straightforward kind of love resembling Super Mario Bros., Pacman or complicated "tactical" love resembling Minecraft or Wordcraft is profound.

What is surely not appreciated, that is the strict and rigid kind of love, when one zodiac sign forbids  and commands the other. Both, Aries and Aquarius, have very peculiar characters and praise freedom above all. The world of masters and slaves is the history of ancient Rome, not the present situation, where equality between men and women plays such an important role.  

Aries and Aquarius should also keep in mind, that every good intention may not bring the expected positive result. And that is also true in love. Have you seen the Superman III movie? How this superhero narrowed the tower of Pisa? Surely good idea when something seems to be falling soon, but Italians would not be thankful for such brave deed anyway. Conclusion: let the other live and express love, even when he or she do not act exactly according to your ideals. To show love means also to show respect. In this aspect, Aries and Aquarius are perfectly compatible.

Property and material wealth are also involved in the relationship of Aquarius and Aries. Even if they are truly in love, the rational judgement of the future prospects is always present in the decision-making.   


Sex is the crucial part of a chain reaction that drives the successful relationship of Aquarius and Aries forward. By humans Zinc is the essential trace element, that stimulate the activity over one hundred different enzymes. Similarly, sex is the essential vitamin, that excites and arouses both, men and women, to be "healthy" and fit.

Sex brings also the unusual inspiration. Aries and Aquarius are not selfish and they do not pretend. If they have some thrilling and exceptional idea (having sex in the wild nature, sharing experiences with unusual friends etc.), they will not keep such thought secret for long. Bizarre, rare or extraordinary sexual fantasies may be surprising for you, and you surely do not have to satisfy them all, but be sure this part of the relationship will not be boring even after few years of intimate merry-making.

The sexual life of Aquarius and Aries can be accompanied by some controversy and disputes, but they usually result only in some short explosions which will only unleash the superfluous energy and deepen the following period of harmony, compatibility and pleasant “melting” together.

Aries Aquarius Zodiac Signs - Compatibility in Love and Friendship


The marriage of Aries man and Aquarius woman is based mainly on rational knowledge. Even though both zodiac signs are very passionate, the marriage is usually a sincere decision for the rest of the life and it is therefore wise to think it twice. Rash marriages between these zodiac signs are rare.

The marriage of Aries woman and Aquarius man may be expressed as the difference between pistol and rifle. Consider this as an illustration. The first one is small, handy and easily wearable, but not very accurate while shooting on longer distances. While the rifle is heavy and large, but very precise – and that is the main goal of the marriage! Aries and Aquarius want to achieve some goals and enjoy the precision and accuracy of their harmony, not only foolishly and impulsively shoot around.

The marriage of both zodiac signs is also a kind of verification of their mutual compatibility. In exchange of a bit of freedom, they get the union of forces and closer spiritual bond. But honestly, not all people born under Aquarius and Aries are willing to sacrifice the independence and freedom, and that is perfectly fine.


Feeling secure and naturally comfortable is one from the main and general goals of dating (except, of course, of having fun and meeting new interesting people). In the case of the Aquarius – Aries couple it is the primary goal of dating without any doubts. The colours are slowly washed out from every skirt or pants even when you use the most ecological program and low temperature on your washing machine, but the clothes is washed 100 times. Similarly, the magic present on the first date may slowly vanish in following years, but the overall “shape” of the relationship will remain.

The funny “polar” test may also be helpful for the first date. Do you know that polar bears and penguins never meet (except maybe the ZOO)? Penguins live on north pole and polar bears on the south pole. Just ask the boyfriend or girlfriend on the first date which one he or she prefer to be in the next life (and, of course, write your choice on a paper in advance to be compared afterwards). Than you will see, whether Aries and Aquarius will meet again as two polar bears or two penguins.

Advice for the man: The Aquarius and Aries man should not rely only on the good compatibility with the woman, but pay the attention to small details while dating. Being empathetic, observant and silent is simply better than be boastful, conceited and self-centred.  

Break up

Men and women born under Aquarius and Aries are not protected from the breakup by any magic spell. But there is difference between being misled from the "right way" intentionally or to get lost only by accident. When two people are heading to the breakup, they should ask this question – how much is this the outcome of unpredictable and unfortunate events and how much are we both responsible for the breakup because of wrong conscious decisions? How much is the breakup inevitable and reversible in fact?

The relationship of Aries and Aquarius is like writing the book. It is only a myth, that a good writer does not need an editor. To "build" beautiful and lasting marriage or partnership is not possible without a lot of feedback from your wife, husband, spouse or even from distant friends, who are not deeply involved in it. With the help of them you can often see the situation impartially, avoid the breakup, or at least soften the aftermath of the divorce.


Do you know how long will it take to travel from Europe to America on an ocean liner during the holiday trip? Approximately 15 days. And do you know how long will it take to Aries and Aquarius become friends? An instant! The “chemistry” between those zodiac signs in very strong and reliable, even in the case of friendship. If a squirrel knows immediately whether the nut is empty of full of desired calories, Aries and Aquarius knows immediately whether there is genuine friend standing in front of them.

Do you know what is this mixture? Beaten egg, milk, sugar and rum … it is an eggnog, hellishly sweet and nutritious drink. And do you know what is this? Honest critique, sharp humour, long phone calls and the source of fresh energy and inspiring ideas … it is the friendship of Aquarius and Aries, sometimes volatile but very intensive and fulfilling. Enjoy it!

Men and women born under Aquarius and Aries are very compatible in friendship. Consider you as the lucky person if you belong to one of them.

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