Aries Woman

March 21 - April 19


Aries Woman

The Aries woman is intuitive. She can read the body signals and energies that are moving close to her. Thanks to this the Aries woman can spontaneously go on a journey into the wide world without worrying about the consequences. She is free, open minded and happy to make new contacts. The Aries woman also recognize well when the time comes to make a stop on a journey. Than, it is always necessary to restrict all activities and calm down a bit.

Personality Traits

Aries woman are lively, daring and they are always looking for new challenges and adventures. Sometimes they are stubborn and usually not very keen to compromise. If you would like a friend who will be obedient and easygoing, you should rather look for a different zodiac sign. Rebelliousness and wildness are apparent among her personality traits. Better than thinking that this woman will adapt to you is expecting that it will be you who will understand and fulfil her requirements.

Aries women are in fact one of the few that can quite smoothly get along without a man. Anything he can do, she can handle too (at least that is what Aries woman are often thinking). However, do not be fooled, even if she is a vigorous and energetic being, she needs the romance, tenderness and caress just like any other woman. Expect, nevertheless, that women born under this sign are active and enterprising. They will feel free to ask you for a date, if they will find out that you are a bit hesitant.

Monotony and peace can be depressing for them. Unfortunately, certain aversion to stereotype is a very significant trait of their personality. If something is boring or too lengthy, they lose interest in it. And please, do not tell them what they should do. These women want to decide freely and not to feel being controlled. Therefore give plenty of freedom to the Aries woman and show her that her perseverance can not unsettle you in the least.

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