Aries Personality Description

March 21 - April 19



If we want understand the true nature of Aries, it will be helpful to look at the properties of its element – the fire. Fire emits heat and light what can be actually seen as its obvious description. But besides that, its most important feature is that it always needs something to burn. Fire can not exist alone. It is constantly changing the form. It shots, flares, and again it burns weakly. But flames can not be stopped easily. Aries people, whose personality is highlighted by fire, are the same as this element – they constantly need something to focus on and goals to which their desire can be directed. There always must be an objective, a prospect for the future and the challenge that need to be overcomed – that is what encourages Aries. They consume a lot of energy, which is nevertheless a kind of a flare-up, a series of strong but brief flashes. This represents the intense energy that moves Aries personality forward when the objective is sufficiently motivating, but also the lack of perseverance and stability in cases where obviously nothing is in the game.

The difficulties come when the world seems to be too clearly defined to Aries. Fixed daily schedules, routine, tradition and the future that can be easily expected, they all can give the feeling of the “lack of fresh air” to Aries. In such case people born under the Aries zodiac sign can sit by the window and morosely meditate that even after twenty years they will sit and muse by the same window again. Aries needs to feel that the world still offers thousands of undiscovered opportunities and that the next adventure is waiting behind the corner. Such person lives in the future, because it is his or her version of the reality.

Straight line

Aries always act according to the principle: the shortest connection between two points is a straight line. Detours, pedantry or very detailed work does not suit well to the personality description of this sign. His or her strongest motives lie in the desire to move forward in any way. Therefore, a requirement to stand still and think about him/herself makes a hard test. When Aries carry out such self-reflection, it often turns out that there is only a little real confidence in his/her self-assertion. They have to develop the self-confidence in the long process, through collecting large amounts of experiences.

Because Aries is a fire sign, it has also to do with intensity, movement and passionate progress. Aries can not walk submissively, diplomatically and with regard to the welfare of others in the first place. Where he or she appears, they will also usually leave a significant trail, which can be perceived at least by those who will come next to them. Therefore, you can count the “unforgettableness” to the general Aries description as well.

Fighting spirit

The fighting spirit of ancestors is rooted deep inside the personality of Aries. The life without contest and competition, where they can win or loose, is a senseless existence. In doing so, however, they regards a fair game. Aries is not an illegal warrior who will attack from the ambush. Straightness and the open-hand combat without tricks and traps, where everyone has the equal chance, this is the basic idea of this zodiac sign. The better simply wins.

If you would gather all the zodiac signs in the same room where a table covered with gift would be, and everybody could take something from that pile, be sure that Aries would be the first at this table. The commitment to action and the direct approach forces internally him or her to be everywhere earlier and faster than others.

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