Aries Man

March 21 - April 19


Aries Man

The Aries man lives by the principle of activity. Everything he does seems to be meaningful and important in his eyes. The Aries man tends to be permanently in action” and wants to keep something to deal with all the time. He wants to be gaining ground and affirming his masculinity. The Aries man has the ability to fascinate and motivate others, but he lacks the steady background a bit. He expects that he will always win due to his strength and positive focus.

Personality Traits

If you are looking for safety and comfort, Aries will probably not be the right friend. They have sharp hooves and hard horns. They are bursting with ideas and creative energy. A typical Aries sprints forward and you have to be careful to keep the pace with him. Because men born under this sign do not look back very frequently. Just imagine the disappointment: he would run on the beach, waiting you to catch and hug him, and after a sudden turn he would see only his own footprints in the sand behind.

Confidence and determination are evident among his personality traits. Aries is not capable of doing anything halfway and usually he plunges headlong in love. But beware, when he falls in love too fast, it is like he would get on a moving train – in the case of disappointment he will briskly jump out without embarrassment. However, If he will not lose interest in you, Aries can be completely loyal and devoted to you. Besides, why should he flirt when he gave the whole heart to you.

However you must strive to be a real fairytale princess for him. Aries will hardly pretend a passion he really do not feel. That is the important trait of his personality. When, from time to time, he will see fresh flowers instead of shopping bags in your hands, he will certainly be pleased that he chose the right one. Yet he is the one who should take care of you! Leave some heavy or difficult shopping to him and look forward to what sweet words will grow on his lips when he sees that you are the beautiful woman in the first place, and not only a practical housewife. Pay attention to him, because this way you can keep a relationship that will last long.

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