March 21 - April 19


Zodiac Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Key features: initiative, courageous, enterprising, confident, cheerful, impatient
Best match: Leo, Sagittarius


People born under the sign of Aries are forceful and ambitious. They easily become enthusiastic about something new. A typical Aries is a pioneer who encourages others by own eagerness. They are often idealists who defend their thoughts aloud. The passion of Aries can take many forms, from a joyful coffeehouse debate to a blind dedication of the Knights Crusade ... (more)


The Aries man lives by the principle of activity. Everything he does seems to be meaningful and important in his eyes. The Aries man tends to be permanently in action” and wants to keep something to deal with all the time. He wants to be gaining ground and affirming his masculinity. The Aries man has the ability to fascinate and motivate others, but he lacks ... (more)


The Aries woman is intuitive. She can read the body signals and energies that are moving close to her. Thanks to this the Aries woman can spontaneously go on a journey into the wide world without worrying about the consequences. She is free, open minded and happy to make new contacts. The Aries woman also recognize well when the time comes to make ... (more)

Personality Description

If we want understand the true nature of Aries, it will be helpful to look at the properties of its element – the fire. Fire emits heat and light what can be actually seen as its obvious description. But besides that, its most important feature is that it always needs something to burn. Fire can not exist alone. It is constantly changing the form. It shots, flares, and again it burns weakly ... (more)

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